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Tuesday, December 1Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity

7 Secrets To Be Cheerful And Happy Constantly

Are we truly happy? Are we still seeking to find happiness in this fast moving age of tech and competition with our busy lives and too many things on plate its very rare to find peace which we can genuinely connect ourselves to.

There are tones of books articles on how to be happy some really good information to consume but here I have listed down my own experience in the path of finding happiness. It all depends upon what choices we make but making the right choice is more important.

What makes you happy doesn’t mean that’s what makes others happy everyone has a different concept about happiness. It is not just a feeling something more practical we need to follow to find in ourselves.

Here are 8 secrets which I followed to lead a blissful life 


  1. Listen
  2. Be positive
  3. Dream on
  4. Exercise
  5. Love yourself
  6. Meditate
  7. Be thankful

1.Listen To Yourself

Do you ever listen to yourself? We spent years thinking what we wanna do or become and then we realize we are not happy. To listen to your true voice dig deeper look at your core values that is what defines YOU what things  gives you joy. Constantly ask yourself positive questions self evaluate.

  • A research from university of Toronto says talking to ourselves and utilizing our  inner voice” helps us to exercise self control and prevents us from making impulsive decisions or actions.
  • Spend time with yourself go out have a cup of coffee go watch that movie alone which you always  wanted to. Never ignore your thoughts cultivate positivity keep listening to yourself.

2. Be Positive

   When something goes wrong the first thought we which crosses our mind is NEGATIVE why so? Negativity is the substance which the body attracts to deal with it is a difficult task lets start with a simple one instead focus on being positive. Always be on the right side surround yourself with like minded people.

  • Do not prejudge things avoid your negative emotions on any  Judgements.  
  • Avoid being Cribber accept however things come your way have a positive thinking .
  • Positivity reveals  stress improves your performance, energy levels, creativity, productivity. Not only your day , your life also changes for good.


In this chaotic life we often forget our dreams or things we want to do. Be it anything small silly or extraordinary one of my many dreams is to travel around the world for free. Dreams help us realize our goals and also what we have lost in yourselves in the journey of becoming something we are not. Trying to impress the society GIVING IN  in our own fears is not what we need.

  • Motivation is what we need for that little push towards finding joy
  • So go get up and start listing down your dreams.


Exercise makes our body fit but what about our mind and soul many studies shows us exercising releases our good hormones which makes us peppy and glee. But our mind needs exercise as well by practicing discipline only when we integrate discipline and rules in our life only then we can achieve what we want which makes us elated. Changes can only be made from within only when we take efforts we can reap results.


The most important thing in the journey of content is to acknowledge yourself be you do what you like the most don’t care about people of what they might think about the society and blah blah…. accept yourself tell yourself daily you are unique and deserved to be loved. Only when you love yourself then you can love others.

  • Share your thoughts open up more learn to appreciate even the small things you do give yourself credit .
  • Accept your emotions and don’t judge them be it pain or anger or gloomy
  • Be what you are instead of being what you are not.


In order to fulfill our spiritual needs you’ve to got to walk the path less travelled.  when you want to connect to people communicate with them make more connections only when you do so you meet humans with different mindset positive people which will directly affect on your thoughts  about having a blissful life and practicing mindfulness.

MEDITATE  : It doesn’t mean you have to chant or recite mantras it is just simple as doing things  you love be it your hobby or passion. What I do is just take out 10 mins  time before bed  relax and go through all my work I did the whole day and focus on what I can do better tomorrow give myself affirmations and thank myself for doing good. Meditation is the best medicine to control your mind and be peaceful.

7. Thank yourself

How often do we take credit and thank ourselves for doing something we are good at? Or when we helped someone? What we give is what comes back to us appreciate yourself it will come back to you even if you didn’t do anything right thank yourself for being wrong. For a person changing into something they are not is the most difficult BE KIND AND LOVE YOURSELF every little change matters

  • THANK YOURSELF for understanding because this is the person you will truly live with forever.

This week I challenge you to thank yourself more and appreciate yourself. It’s a beautiful  exercise to make you come out of your shell and find the secrets of joy. Try it yourself may it help you be more content and chirpy.



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