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Monday, January 18Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity


TWO COLD COFFEES and a bowl of popcorn later thinking about what to write in the about me section oooppss i forgot to introduce myself 

                 HELLO I’m SONU RANKA  just another simple confused soul  trying to figure out what to do next in life I take things as they come or at least wish to do.

          Born and brought up here in Chennai  I’ve done lots of free lancing work. Some how ended up here writing my very own blog which is one of the things I always imagined myself doing having a cup of coffee (my favourite) and my laptop. I’m an ARIAN by sign and creative by nature. When I’m not blogging you find me reading books, teaching , partying and sometimes hosting events.

   I believe my life purpose is to make other people happy and make them love their life. So here i’m sharing my experience and thoughts.

 To all the readers hope you find love laughter and happiness through my writings.