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Best Mental Health Organizations To Follow

COVID-19 has caused social media consumption and communication to increase, while mental health may be decreasing. However, finding resources and getting the support you need is not as challenging. With everything and everyone moving to virtual communication methods.

Businesses, organizations, events and everyday interactions have been moved online through social media, video uploads and live chat rooms. With social media consumption being higher, the methods organizations are utilizing. The ideal ways to feel connected, yet disconnected from social media.

Mental health

In fact, mental health organizations have used the pandemic to their advantage. By formulating new conversations and check-in methods for their communities moving forward. With September as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It is critical for everyone to formulate conversations, healthy check-on methods with loved ones. As well as knowing how to prioritize everyday responsibilities, such as work, family, relationships and, most importantly, self-care. With so many organization platforms to pick and choose from when logging onto social media. Get started when you need any type of mental health information.

Here is a list of a few great mental health community organizations to follow.


Mental health organizations

The National Alliance on Mental Health organization has been heavily active on social media. Providing countless resources such as their hotline, support groups and educational pamphlets to help community members. In understanding the warning signs of various mental illnesses and how to approach situations appropriately. Additionally, they have an online store for users to purchase merchandise, gifts and educational courses.

NAMI has been proven to be an amazing platform for all ages. By providing opportunities for wellness quotes, webinars, fundraisers, videos showcasing people’s stories on mental health and support. This way, there is something for everyone based on your media consumption interests. Whether it is multimedia, community pages or participating in an active webinar or fundraiser.

For Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. NAMI has an entire section on their website with informational resources for users to take advantage of. Such as knowing the warning signs and risk factors of suicidal behavior. Being prepared for a suicidal crisis as well as how to navigate a mental health crisis.





2. Blue Dove Foundation

Mental organizations to follow

The Blue Dove Foundation mental health organization does an excellent job. At providing support and showcasing experiences from people of diverse backgrounds that have suffered from different setbacks throughout their lives. The foundation was originally created to address issues surrounding mental illness and addiction within the Jewish community. But now has worked with many people in the United States and all around the world.

What has stood out is that the foundation has incorporated plenty of virtual events. Like self-care, cooking lessons, or offers their community members to host mental health shabbat dinners. The Blue Dove is also perfect for those who are looking to take away something from listening to other people’s stories. Furthermore, there are monthly virtual trainings. Including learning how to save a life, recovery programs as well as hosting conversations about a variety of topics. Like eating disorders, suicide stories or yoga threapy supporting infertility.

Blue Dove is currently working on a lot of exciting new projects for users, such as a mental health toolkit. Which is aimed to serve as a first line of defense. To help identify any issues prior to referring an individual to a professional. Also, Blue Dove recently announced their newest partnership with the CDC Foundation by joining the new initiative. How Right Now, which is an initiative to address people’s feelings of grief, loss, and worry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.




3. Mental Health Matters By Kylie Verzosa

mental health

Mental Health Matters by Kylie Verzosa has plenty of colorful, motivational quotes and daily affirmations. That get your day started in the right direction. From consultations, Instagram Live sessions and both private and public support groups on Facebook. Kylie’s organization is a primary example that anybody can get involved with talking about mental health and advocating for others.

Kylie created the group back in 2016 after she was crowned Miss International. Explained that she wanted to open about her and her family’s experiences with depression and other mental illnesses. Kylie’s decision to create her organization with a variety of tools for her growing support. Group enables people to feel good about themselves and talk experiences out with others.

Kylie also continues to publish electronic resources such as apps, infographics and tips to change your mindset and everyday habits. One virtual event that Kylie has been promoting on her social media channels is Simply Giving’s fundraiser. A Moment Of Calm: Nature For Mental Health. The purpose of the fundraiser is to provide social media users an opportunity. To relax and regain positivity through nature-inspired discussions, activities or photos. Any donations made through this event go directly to WWF-Philippines.




4. The MINDS Foundation

Mental health organizations

Founded in 2010, The MINDs Foundation is headquartered in Nizamabad, and has locations in Mumbai, Vadodara and Bhavnagar. Since its inception, the organisation has been working tirelessly. To increase awareness around mental illness and provide more access to healthcare. Committed to eliminating the stigma that surrounds mental illness in India, it follows a three-phase approach.

The first phase shines the spotlight on the importance of education. The MINDS Foundation has started a program to educate communities in villages across India. With the help of social workers, MINDs staff and Community Mental Health Organization Workers. They raise awareness about the basics of mental illness and the effectiveness of treatment. In the second phase, they focus on effective, free treatment for any mentally ill person. In the last phase, the team works with each patient post-treatment to reintegrate them into their local communities.


Facebook :


Keeping in mind that nobody is ever alone and that there are always going to be resources. Whether you find them yourself or by talking with others, there will always be new opportunities. Available to navigate not only COVID-19 but also beyond.

Limiting conversations, recognition and resources for mental health and wellness. Will restrict the wellbeing and opportunities available for everyone to prioritize and take advantage of for a healthier lifestyle.

About the Author: Joe Wegrzyn is the founder and owner of Daydreamrr Apparel. An online apparel family-owned business based in Chicago that creates clothing with a cause. Joey’s line continues to advocate for mental health and wellness. Among all ages and strives for awareness of community resources and safe-space conversations. The line features a variety of feel-good apparel. Including their handmade leggings, graphic design tees as well as accessories such as fanny packs, socks and backpacks. 10% of all sales from the website are automatically donated to the National Alliance On Mental Illness. For more information, check out and check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.



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