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Tuesday, December 1Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity


Why Is Meditation Important? 5 Reasons You Need To know

Why Is Meditation Important? 5 Reasons You Need To know

Why should we meditate? Why do we need meditate? What is the use of wasting my time in just doing nothing? Will it be helpful to me? These are the frequent asked questions about mediation, it has become the need of the hour!! Meditation is something very universal In short its for everyone not only for children,men,women or the old just like yoga its for all.Meditation and yoga is something we know that we should learn for ourselves. Maybe only when we are ready we will implement it practically. Why?Making It Simplepractical LessonsThoughtlessnessTool 1.Why Nobody will ask why should I meditate? Cause we know the answer already! To maintain our balance between work and emotions. To attain a sense of thoughtlessness=no thoughts at all To gain peace, tranquili...
7 Secrets To Be Cheerful And  Happy Constantly

7 Secrets To Be Cheerful And Happy Constantly

Are we truly happy? Are we still seeking to find happiness in this fast moving age of tech and competition with our busy lives and too many things on plate its very rare to find peace which we can genuinely connect ourselves to. There are tones of books articles on how to be happy some really good information to consume but here I have listed down my own experience in the path of finding happiness. It all depends upon what choices we make but making the right choice is more important. What makes you happy doesn’t mean that’s what makes others happy everyone has a different concept about happiness. It is not just a feeling something more practical we need to follow to find in ourselves. Here are 8 secrets which I followed to lead a blissful life    Listen Be p...