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Monday, January 18Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity

How to Stay Positive During the Covid-19 panic: Can Make You mentally Strong

Staying positive doesn’t mean you’ve got to be cheerful all the time. It means even on hard days, you recognize that there are better days also coming. Be a dean of positivity where ever you’re. Whether at home, at work or any health institution for instance. However, will require you to be an agent of change for the higher good.

We all are hiding out during these difficult times. Trying our greatest to work out what the subsequent few months will appear. Do we start to ask ourselves questions like how long we are getting to be quarantined? How are we going to get paid to be ready to cover our bills and expenses? What can I learn from this? What can we do during this quarantine period? How are we going to carry our day-to-day activities? Will this be declared as a national emergency?

The world health organization has declared this outbreak a pandemic, while people are staying at home all around the world. Experts say people should be active in order to protect their mental health also.

Honestly, despite this whole COVID-19 craziness, I see a positive side of getting my family quarantined together. There are numerous ways to remain positive. Do positive stuff to keep us busy and occupied and far away from our negative thoughts.

We all need an excellent deal of patience and positivity during this grave situation we are facing worldwide.
#we are in this together

The governments are doing everything they can it’s our turn to carry out our duties as a citizen. These are a few things which I had experienced and which I believe is the need of the hour.

  1. Slowing Down Is A Gift
  2. Connect Deeper With Yourself
  3. Life Is A Gift
  4. Give Thanks For The World We Live In
  5. Social Distancing
  6. Be Responsible & Take Hold
  7. Reduce Media Exposure
  8. Put An End To Your Pity Parties
  9. Talk To Someone Positive
  10. Train Your Thoughts
  11. Free-Time
  12. Netflix, Prime, Hotstar…. & Chill?
  13. Music
  14. Trust God

Slowing Down is a Gift

slow down is a gift

There are things which happened this year. Without which we might not have experienced this global crisis – and a slower, more simple life. That comes with social distancing and isolation is one such gift. Slowing down is one such phase that can help us to heal ourselves and nature. We can already see the instance where nature is healing itself, we just need to give a chance.

Connect Deeper With Yourself

connect to inner self- positive

Make this a time more useful and have a deep reflection. This is often the time you recognize how unbearable you can be to yourself. Numerous people stay so busy that’s why they don’t have time for basic self-care and also self-exploration. 

Let this be the time to actually get to understand yourself. In order to do that you’ll find out how to be yourself – and once you find out how to be yourself. You’ll then start to completely pursue your calling in this world.

Life Is Gift

life is a gift

A day of life we get to measure is an absolute gift. If we think about it, we are living in privilege– or a minimum thought of being privileged. This Covid-19 pandemic is re-establishing our perspective for the simple freedoms and gifts of life. Be thankful for this gift of perspective and therefore the reminder of what’s important in life and what isn’t.

Perspective can change everything. Concentrate on the good that’s happening around you and you’ll see it.

“For what we look for, is what we find”.

Give Thanks For The World We Live In

gratitude positivity
Show Gratitude

What percentage folks actually thanked for the year 2019? Remember the last year when the worst thing was the Game of Thrones finale? We were just overwhelming with joy that the crappy year was over. Now as we move towards the pandemic we realize the danger we are in and therefore the importance of previous years.

It’s important to stay focused with gratitude on the attitude that isolation in 2020 isn’t what it might have been in 2000 – be grateful! Because we live in this era. we’ve access to endless streaming, FaceTime with family and keep news updates that keep you informed and safe. Reach out individually to people in your past – reconnect and rebuild relationships.

Life is complicated now, but it’s also never been simple. People matter and that we need each other. Too often our connections are broken because we become busy and distracted by all the stress of life – rekindling old friendships takes time, and now we’ve got it! So go roll in the hay!

Social Distancing

stay away virus positive affect
Be Wise Keep Distance

It’s vital they mean it once they say it. Stop socializing for a short time take a break! [not the Ross & Rachael break] a break on meeting people & going out. Be a responsible adult!

Social distancing is a luxury that workers on Rs.150 a-day can’t afford.

As you plan to social distancing, it’s important to not isolate yourself, even if you’re quarantined or in isolation.

Connect virtually with friends, using FaceTime, text and phone calls. Your effort to try to do this may not only bless you but also convey positivity. Will bless and encourage others.

Be Responsible & Take Hold

be responsible and take hold

It’s our responsibility to fill uplifting content into our minds. Don’t fall prey to a fear-panicked, click-bait headlines within the media about the deadly coronavirus. Set timer and limit for how much news you’ll absorb. Then be intentional about what do you want to observe, read, hear and believe.

Remember that worry doesn’t change anything. It only gives away the hope you’ll have today. you’re on top of things here!

Reduce Your Media Exposure

reduce social media

The fear is usually worse than the virus. Don’t circulate news without verifying, don’t create panic and sense of fear among yourselves. Post only what’s positive and be a pacesetter of encouragement and light during this dark. How we speak matters and the way we encourage others are going to be remembered.

There’s an overabundance of negativity in people’s newsfeeds right now. So ask yourself, how you’ll add sunshine or something of substance to it instead.

Take this as a chance to change habits that decrease your life happiness.

Put Boundaries On Your Pity Parties

no self pity

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, still don’t give them the facility to manage your overall mood. Remember you’re not alone during this we are in this together. Once you feel scared or overwhelmed, give yourself a period of time, 15 mins for instance.

During which you’ll allow yourself to feel. Set a timer on your phone, and when the alarm pops, your pity party stops. Then it’s time to take action on doing something positive.

Talk To Someone Positive

talk to people when you feel low

The biggest thing you can do to improve your mental health is to talk to someone. About how you are feeling, it’s totally normal to get down and have such days. But that doesn’t mean you are depressed.

Depression is when negative feelings won’t go away. You constantly feel low and sad. you don’t need to go through this talk to a friend, family or relative. Fill yourself with positivity.

Train Your Thoughts.

control your thoughts think positive

You got to settle on your thoughts and your focus. Nothing can steal that power from you, regardless of what happens around us. We are liable for our thoughts. Decide that you simply will remember this point as an era of faith and unity & not fear. 

Every day you’ll need to assess and analyze positive thoughts. What you would like to try to that day to settle in faith, not fear. It’d mean turning on the music, worshipping, journaling, calling an encouraging friend, or going out for a stress-relieving run. Find out how to coach your thoughts in order that they don’t spiral negatively.

Master your thoughts so you’ll awaken daily confidently and full of courage.

Free Time

use free time positively
self-quarantine isolation

Free time is often a replacement way of life -a temporary one – however, we don’t know how much longer, so embrace it. Use your free time in these challenging circumstances to extend your contact to the people most vital to you. You can, together with your love and intentional actions. Create a sense of communal unity with your fellow relatives that might have otherwise never existed.

Make the foremost of your free time, Start by making a list of your dream. Home projects then start working through the list. Use your free time to start out projects. You’ve been ignoring, like starting that book, researching your business dream or handwriting notes to your friends.

Allow yourself to settle into the slow-phased life with a smile.

Netflix, Prime, Hotstar… & Chill?

quarantine time pass stay positive

Distract yourself from the tedium of isolation or overwhelm of negative news. Engage in shows or humorous sitcoms. Now’s the time you’ve been always dreaming of. Binge-watch shows you’ve heard about or to binge-listen to podcasts an excellent way to not stress your eyes. 

In other words, binge-listening is more fun than binge-watching. Hate reading books? Therefore try audiobooks you never what might catch your interest keep chilling & experimenting.


 good music fills positive feelings

Fight your mindset battles and the overwhelming anxiety, you would possibly feel with music. Music changes our moods and particularly music that’s praise-based. Will-based music fills you with faith and sends fear running far, away from your heart. 

Although we use the music of all kinds in our lifestyle now with more positive intentions. As a result, you’ve ever done before to stay in your house upbeat and happy.

Trust God

trust ur beliefs
Trust your beliefs

This is the chance to trust God within the unknown. This point may be a time of trust across the planet – and as we lean into God. He will lean into us. Nobody ever likes to step into the unknown by choice. Even we all know it’s good for us, most folks avoid it.

This pandemic is forcing us all into an area of growth and faith to stay positive. For instance, we might not have otherwise willingly chosen. Which may be a gift!


As the world is embracing social distancing to keep the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus at bay, now might be the perfect time for you to connect socially online with our family, friends & relatives in the mindset of positivity & Confidence.

Some positive affirmations you can give yourself whenever you feel insecure, unsettling always remember to repeat these affirmations it will give you the strength to think positively and will put ease to the never-ending thoughts of human minds.

  • The world is healing, and so am I
  • I’m not alone. We are all in this together
  • There is so much in life to be grateful for!
  • I will release all the anxiety tension & fear from my body and mind
  • I’m safe, secured & protected
  • I will not panic and instead choose to be peaceful
  • I will maintain peace, compassion & gratitude and set an example for others
  • More the stress more I choose to do self-care
  • I promise to take care of my health and others around me
  • I will be a responsible adult and commit to social distancing.
  • I will always believe and trust in god.


self care in quarantine



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