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How To Help People Suffering From Anxiety

anxiety disorders

Anxiety is some things that we all experience from time to time. Anxiety can come and go – except for some people, it can stick around for an extended time and find yourself having an enormous impact on their lifestyle.

When this happens, it might be time to do something about it. The experience of hysteria is our body’s way of preparing us to manage those difficult situations. Sometimes anxiety can help us perform better by helping us feel alert and motivated.

What Anxiety Leads To?

Mental Health Awareness

Some feelings of anxiety from time to time is normal and healthy; it can help motivate us and help get us out of tough situations. But when anxiety lasts for weeks or months, it develops into a continuing sense of dread or begins to affects our lifestyle, leading to depression eventually leading to mental disorder.

The problem with today’s generation is we are so intertwined in achieving success. Running after our careers and job we forget to live our life. We forget to cope up with our failures. Every time we are more alert and concerned about what others might think most of the people don’t even care about what we do or decisions we make. All these small things lead to anxiety some anxiety feelings are small while others lead to more drastic measures like panic attacks.

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How Our Body Reacts To Anxiety

Anxiety Attacks

Suddenly the heart is racing, the stomach’s churning, palms are sweaty. our minds are flooded with worries and fears that something bad will happen. our muscles are tense and our senses alert. This is anxiety; and we have all had it. When faced with a threatening event like a physical attack or a natural disaster, most of the people feel anxiety or fear.

Our bodies give us a surge of adrenaline and our instincts take over. Anxiety is our body’s response to worry and danger, but in today’s world, most of the ‘dangers’ we face day to day aren’t ones we will fight with our fists or run away from easily. These modern ‘dangers’ are many and may be anything from an important workload at your job to family conflicts, aggressive drivers, or money troubles that make a huge impact on our mental health.

Since anxiety impacts nearly all of the parts of our bodies, We may feel any number of various things once we are anxious.

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This is not a comprehensive list of the sensations that you simply may feel when panic arises.

Anxiety Symptoms

How To Deal With People Who Have Anxiety!

Do’s & Dont’s people suffering from anxiety

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Everywhere we can see stuff written on the internet about what is anxiety? How to treat anxiety? How to cope up with anxiety? And so many more… but why does nobody tells us how to handle people we know who have anxiety? How to treat our friend how has anxiety? How to support our loved ones when they face anxiety and panic disorders?

All that people care is about how to fix their shortcomings not to treat them how to take care of them.

Just by saying a few words by a change of perspective can help your friend or loved one in a new way!! Anxiety is more than feeling stressed or worried. It can be tough to cope, but with the right support, things can get better.

Some Do’s & Dont’s To Say To People Having Anxiety

Comparing their problem to yours is not a piece of good advice to give. Trust me when your friend is sharing something that they might feel will be totally irrelevant to what you feel. Saying those words will only hurt them more because everyone’s mindset and stamina to think and cope up with things are different.

It’s just a four-word sentence but has a lot of meaning to it I’m here for you just saying those words half of the anxiety vanishes in the air. And puts the heart and mind at ease.

How to deal with anxiety issues

Commonly most people make mistakes with this. Yes, meditation and yoga does help but that’s not what they what to hear from their friend. Maybe they have tried and didn’t succeed. We never know what the other person went through.

A polite way to put by just asking if they need any help instead of a wellness retreat or yoga center. They might not actually need your help or anyone for that matter. Saying such lines do surely is a pain relief for your friend suffering from anxiety.

Talk to people suffering from anxiety

As it may sound casual to you when you say those words but it doesn’t sound like that to the other person. For them, it feels like a huge let down to hear the words from the person they confided in. You never know what your friend is going through it may be a small thing for you but may not for your friend or loved one.

Just when you say those words it’s very reassuring even though you might not understand how to figure things out. But it gives a sense of security to the person who is getting anxious. It’s important you let them know that you are here to help them.

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keeping calm

If your friend told you they’re feeling super anxious, they clearly are not okay. Constantly asking them only makes them superconscious and they feel pressured. Things always don’t turn out good when one feels pressured so it’s better to avoid such statements.

If you want to help your friend to get out of the anxiety mode then change of emotions and clearly diverting their minds to something else will help a lot. Sometimes we need a supportive push to help break us out of our vicious cycle of panic and panicking about panic.

Support Your loved ones during tough times.

Thought Of The Day!

Anxiety can come and go – but for some people, it can stick around for a long time and end up having a big impact on their daily life. When this happens, it might be time to do something about it.

There are definitely times when I haven’t been heard when my anxiety has been dismissed or questioned. I’ve been subjected to jokes. Ultimately, however, I want to be honest with my friends, no matter how difficult it may be at first. Far from the nightmare I often envision, opening up to others is usually a positive experience that strengthens my relationships and makes me feel supported and less ashamed.

Even if you can’t take your friend’s anxiety away, showing support can help them feel more comfortable and take away some of the stigma that compels them to hide—which is a pretty amazing thing to do for someone you care about.

BE KIND its not just a word it’s a emotion.

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