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Top 10 Wellness & Mental Health Trends Rising in 2020

Did you know that the health and wellness industry generates around $4.2 trillion worldwide according to the Global Wellness Institute?  It’s a fast-growing market that includes sectors like beauty, personal care, wellness, fitness, and mental health.

If you’d just about got your head around understanding the benefits of Buti yoga and the acronym CBD, you might want to take a deep breath. Because there is a whole host of new health and wellness trends coming your way in 2020.

When it came to health and wellness, it would seem Internet users are increasingly invested in their well-being with searches for the term “self-care” up a whopping 140 percent.

With all this preception, here’s what other trends are expected to grow in the health and wellness industry in 2020:

  1. Self-Care
  2. Ayurveda/ Wellness Retreat
  3. Emotional Wellness
  4. Wellness In Music
  5. Wellness Fiesta
  6. Eco-Therapy
  7. Mental Wellness & Technology
  8. Workplace Wellness Programs
  9. Wearable Devices
  10. Women’s Health

1.Self Care

“Self care” and “wellness” might as well have been the unofficial happening words of 2020.

Practicing self-care looks different for everyone. Some people indulge in a sheet mask and massage, while others take a yoga class a few times a week and some enjoy a wellness retreat.


As amazing as those things are, it’s become much more than a way to pamper ourselves and stay physically fit. Self-care also includes taking care of your mental health and doing the internal work that might not be as Instagramable or glamorous. Although it’s trendy to get in on #SelfCareSunday. It truly transformed the wellness industry and the people who are committed to self-care in all of its forms.

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2.Ayurveda Gains Mainstream power

ayurveda welness retreat

Ayurveda, or an ancient system from India that focuses on the balance between mind, body, and spirit, is nothing new. To the Western world, however, as overall trends shift from treatment to prevention strategies. More people are tuning into integrated ways to nourish and heal themselves from the inside out.

Ayurveda combines the wisdom of thousands of years to help you improve your health physically, mentally, and emotionally. An Ayurvedic wellness retreat. A retreat center offers holistic wellness services to its patrons over the course of a few days. Ayurveda specialists and professionals to create specialized courses and arrange them for couples, groups, or corporates. This could include offering Ayurveda-certified services, such as oil massages, meditation, detoxification, rejuvenation, among others. Alternatively, they could also partner with established brands in the space and extend their services to your location.

3.Emotional Wellness

emotional wellness

It seemed 2019 really lifted the veil of the stigma surrounding mental health, as celebrities speak out about their internal struggles. Research around the calming and mood-boosting benefits of mindfulness and meditation grows. The explosion of apps aimed at supporting our inner-world, such as the Headspace meditation app, or TalkSpace, an app. Where you can communicate with a licensed therapist via texts, voice memos, and video.

The World Health Organization estimates that 25 percent of all people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders. At some point in their lives, with roughly 450 million individuals currently struggling with a condition,”

2020 Global Wellness Summit trends report. “Unfortunately, care is far from the norm: Nearly two-thirds of those living with a mental disorder never seek help from a health professional. Increasingly, explains the trends report, technology is helping to chip away at the stigma, cost, and time investment barriers traditionally associated with seeking mental health services

4.Wellness Music 

music for wellness

Humans’ love for music is undeniable; no other stimulus positively activates so many brain regions; and stringent studies show its dramatic impact on mood, anxiety, and pain. The dominant music industry is pivoting to “wellness music.” There’s an explosion of wellbeing playlists (stress-reducing, sleep-focused, calming effect music, etc.) at the big streaming sites such as Spotify. Full-blown audio-wellness festivals are rising. “Wellness” is becoming a new mode of listening—beyond the artist or genre.

5.Wellness Fiesta

wellness festivals

Think music, yoga, hiking in nature, sound baths, acai bowls, meditation breaks, and educational workshops. There’s no denying it: people have proved that they want to experience wellness, and unique events are popping up everywhere. From Camp Yoga to In Goop Health to Wanderlust Fest, full-blown wellness events are showing up across the country and we can’t wait to try one! They’re the perfect choice for mother-daughter trips, girl’s getaways, and even bachelorette parties! Which explains why many alternative healing modalities are finally gathering mainstream momentum. Habits like meditation and sound baths that not so long ago seemed “woo-woo” are now emerging as health practices that totally make sense.


eco therapy natures

Ecotherapy also called “green therapy” or” nature therapy” aims to provide balancing and calming effects on our body, like lowering blood pressure and slowing breath. As well as improving our mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. Top on the list of ecotherapy practices to try is grounding. It involves walking barefoot outside, discharging the positive charge we build up throughout the day returning our bodies to a neutral state. Some other types of ecotherapy we can’t wait to try in 2020 include meditation in nature, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), horticultural therapy salt room therapy, cold water therapy and simply working out outside.

7.Mental Wellness and Technology

mental health and tech
Virtual psychotherapist intends to help to exceedingly despondent man

Awareness of the need to address mental health has grown significantly in the last few years. Mental health technology will move into the mainstream as cultural patterns continue to shift. Industry analysts predict the next year will see a big spike in the adoption of Telehealth. Both in the mental healthcare space as well as primary care. Consumers’ embrace of conventional treatment. Interest in self-care will transform how employers, universities, and local governments offer mental wellness care.

8.Workplace wellness programs

workplace wellness programs

It’s no secret that many of us are sitting at desks for longer than we did in the past. Sitting for too long without movement isn’t great for our backs, let alone our overall health.

Research points out that workplaces are using these methods to help prevent burnout, manage stress, and boost productivity.

Many of us are realizing that we need to find healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

A focus on mental health and stress reduction benefits:  Stress harms overall mental health and employee engagement. So we’ll see more organizations build stress-reduction activities into their employee wellness programming. Many companies are already offering on-site, face-to-face wellness coaching, mindfulness courses, and individual therapy.

9.Wearable Devices

wearable health technology

Once primarily used to track data from physical exercise, wearable devices have transitioned into effective tools for healthcare providers. Wearables allow for the sharing of a patient’s health-related data in real-time, keeping researchers, and HCPs abreast of potential health decline or adverse events.

What’s new? Wearables that can go home with the patient are being increasingly approved for medical use by the FDA. Take, for instance, the Monarch eTNS system, a wallet-sized device designed to work in tandem with a small patch placed on a patient’s forehead. It may sound unorthodox, but this combination works as a treatment for ADHD patients – one of five take-home medical devices approved in 2019. These devices have also proven utility in the clinical trial space when linked to a digital application configured to conduct studies virtually. Companies like ObvioHealth can pair to devices like Bluetooth scales, blood pressure monitors, and activity trackers to transmit real-time data back to research staff.

10.Women’s Health

women health and wellness

The final 2020 prediction is the eventual move away from women’s health as a separate, niche category. 2020 looks to be the year of women’s health. Though focusing on the needs of women is crucial to correct. Several entrepreneurs agree that it will be a win when women’s health is no longer seen as separate. For the last couple of years, AI and machine learning have dominated many of the conversations, and headlines in the healthcare industry, but the women’s health space is expanding rapidly.

When trying to build a successful women’s health business. “it’s important to give back to women’s health through the support of other women. Entrepreneurs and companies and contributions towards making women’s health mainstream.

Resting in conjunction with our circadian rhythms, eating based on intuition. Moving in ways that feel natural to how our bodies work is the new way to be healthy and happy in 2020.

health in 2020

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