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Monday, January 18Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity


It’s easy to think that a positive body image simply means looking within the mirror and liking what you see. This belief will only limit you, keeping you stuck within the concept body positivity is related to appearance.

Instead, body positivity has far more than, with how you look after, respect, and connect together with your body’s needs, while cultivating gratitude for what your body can do for you or allows you to do. It’s very likely that our body shape, size & color will change multiple times throughout your life.

Life is messy. This is a tough concept to simply accept for all folks, especially those inclined toward rigidity or know-it- all-or-nothing thinking. We want straight lines, consistent patterns, and predictable outcomes.

That’s simply not real. We are holding on to something that doesn’t exist. All we are doing is driving ourselves crazy while missing out on life.

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What is Body Positivity & How To Work Towards it?

body positivity - love your body

Simply telling people to accept themselves and be resilient in the face and promoting the thin ideal image can be damaging. Telling people to ignore the dominant beauty ideal isn’t realistic.

It can create more pressure for a person who is already feeling anxious, negative, and devalued. 

Popular culture tells people that they are flawed—but then demands that they have a positive attitude about it. Not feeling positive about your body can then lead to shame and guilt. 

Travel Back

Firstly I want to talk about body positivity lets just travel back in time and find the little child in ourselves full of wonder and energy.

That child never cared if the hair was undone or if the face and hands were dirty. All it cared was to finish the castle of sand which took hours for it to make.

Now? we don’t care about the sandcastles anymore we want to look perfect! As the media projects it.

We get the wrong idea about perfection and beauty. Because trying so hard to fit in and that we forget each person is born to be different.

Body positivity goes beyond what your body looks like physically. This positivity comes from several different factors, including:

love yourself - body postivity
Love your body – body positive.

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Self-love – Can’t say it enough of this already. Self-love starts when to truly start accepting for however & whoever you are.

Stop self-criticism – I wish I had slender arms, I wish I had bigger eyes, I wish….. self-criticism will only pull down more further cause there are endless comparisons. It will only hurt you more. Moreover self proclaim yourself.

Be comfortable in what you wear – Yes, fashion #followingthetrends as much as we want to follow it wearing something which doesn’t project your personality is like a lion wearing crocodile skin.

Doesn’t fit right? When we wear something comfortable it radiates confidence within us. So comfort is a must towards body positivity.

Think healthy stay healthy –  Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and all states of health. exercise and eat healthy and they have good cholesterol and their blood sugar is very good.

As a result, they are fit and active in their life, feel good about themselves, even though they have more weight than what is considered normal.

Curvy is the new sexy – For instance, some people that carry many excess pounds and fit into the obesity category. However, they are quite healthy.

However there is a myth that weight watchers have come up with unless you are skinny, nothing will look good on you.

That is a lie, at the moment, curvy girls are winning the race (yes, you are curvy!) and dressing in bolder fashion statement dresses that they would have shied away from years ago because the female fashion industry is ever-evolving.

Believe in yourselfThe words say it all.

Confidence – Nobody is born with limitless self-confidence. If someone seems to have incredible self-confidence, it’s because they have worked hard on building it for years. 

Self-confidence is something very important to build up step by step it doesn’t happen overnight.

Some Tips for Creating Body Positivity

body postivity
  • Replacing negative thoughts
  • Let go of the comparisons, criticism, peer pressure
  • Feel proud
  • Have gratitude
  • Talk with positive people
  • Reward your body
  • Be healthy Be strong

Lastly it all sums up to four things which we must practice! Do you have the guts to do it? If yes hit the comment section with a “yes”. And start the journey towards a healthier you!! LACE yourself up!!

LOVE yourself, ACCEPT yourself, Be CONFIDENT in yourself, EMBRACE yourself!!!



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