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Tuesday, December 1Love.Laugh.Meditate | All About Beauty | Self-love | Mental Health & Creativity

Why Is Meditation Important? 5 Reasons You Need To know

meditation for soul

Why should we meditate? Why do we need meditate? What is the use of wasting my time in just doing nothing? Will it be helpful to me?

These are the frequent asked questions about mediation, it has become the need of the hour!!

  • Meditation is something very universal
  • In short its for everyone not only for children,men,women or the old just like yoga its for all.
  • Meditation and yoga is something we know that we should learn for ourselves. Maybe only when we are ready we will implement it practically.

  1. Why?
  2. Making It Simple
  3. practical Lessons
  4. Thoughtlessness
  5. Tool


why to meditate

Nobody will ask why should I meditate? Cause we know the answer already!

  • To maintain our balance between work and emotions.
  • To attain a sense of thoughtlessness=no thoughts at all
  • To gain peace, tranquility

These are just words until you actually experience it. Meditation is something very very emotionally attached with People, they don’t know what is the state of nirvana. If somebody told me you will achieve nirvana complete freedom, from the world and desires I would have never done it. I have my life, my job and family no one wants to just throw all of this away. There is no coach telling us to mediate daily! when we start to do meditation we don’t even know weather we will continue or not or, will we do it daily. It all depends on our self motivation.

Gym or yoga classes teach you the same thing over and over again but mediation is solely self-driven!

That is why mediation is self-motivating task. When you start to love yourself, do good, think positive, that drives you towards meditating more often. Only when you start meditating for an hour daily then you can achieve that one minute of complete thoughtlessness.

2.Making It Simple

Is it to complex? Let’s make it simple

pt classes school

Most of us have been to school. We also had a class P.T classes i.e Physical Training yes those nostalgic moments of doing exercise and sports and enjoying with friends….but before the start of the class we all were supposed to do stretching exercise why? To make our muscles and nerves open up ready to take the tension of a 1000 mts relay race

  I remember during my schooling, I had yoga classes where they made us to do weird exercises. But did our teachers ever tell us why this stretching or yoga was important? Did they ever tell us that these exercises are to be done even after school and not just in our P.T class. No !!

school meditation

We were never told any of these things. Now-a-days, schools are introducing yoga, mediation and music classes because it’s so important and necessary to include it in the curriculum.

Since we know the importance of meditation, we try to implement it in the daily habits of a child. And not just in a child, but to be implemented at every age.

3.Pratical Lessons

pratical lessons

Meditation is not something you do by reading or by following someone/something. It solely depends on one’s practice to achieve it. It’s like thinking on why should I join the gym ? You will not ask google about it. .You may also talk to people who motivate you to join gym. This isn’t the case with a keto diet. Many will first search about it and then get a start on it. Likewise, one will not search on why one should start meditating. But one will definitely search about the importance of it. You need to talk to people who mediate and have experienced it. And those are the kind of positive people, who motivate you to continue and push you to meditate.



In that half an hour of our meditation, our mind keeps on thinking about random, things weather the phone is ringing or someone’s talking loudly. Admist all these thoughts only 10 to 40 seconds we achieve that complete thoughtlessness that state of thoughtlessness is called meditation.

  • The feeling of thoughtlessness gives immense pleasure.
  • During this time the enzymes produced in our body will be the same as doing something we love like our hobbies.

Meditation is not the only way you achieve thoughtlessness, suppose you like music even listening to music will give you thoughtlessness. But only to the person who understands music deeply and soulfully for them even listening to the music they achieve the state of thoughtlessness. Mediation is a just a process leading you to the destination.


medium of meditate

Meditation is just a tool to reach the peak of thoughtlessness why I say that way is just as person who connects with music deeply he finds peace in it that is his/her way of meditation when you love something to the core doing that thing gives us immense pleasure. When you surround yourself with positive people, thoughts, read good books, do good things, good deeds you feel happy and be more loving to yourself…this helps in controlling your emotions keeping yourself calm from bursting it all out.


If You don’t want to do meditation? It is totally possible only when you are a self-loving and self-motivated person when you don’t need anyone to uplift you when you are in constant happy mode that is when you don’t need to do meditation. But is that possible? Dig deep and think for yourselves is meditation important or not?


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